I’m Bruno Lage, Brazilian, 30 years old, art director and head digital. I graduated in marketing, and with over ten years of experience.  I have been improving and gaining new creative skills, techniques and management in integrated communication. 

I went through some digital agencies and worked as a freelancer for a while. Four years ago I arrived at Propeg, where I started to develop projects always seeking the integration of digital campaigns. I believe in a new form of advertisement that is multichannel and has its heart in any media as long as it fulfills the role of connecting brands with consumers. 

Along with other great professionals of equal profile, I was part of the concept and management of a project for the enhancement and development of the market from Bahia, which became the creation Club of Bahia. 

worked with

Group M Dias Branco with brands such as Richester, Biscoitos Fortaleza among others. Governo Federal (SECON), Ministério da Saúde, Ministério das Cidades, Governo do Ceará, Prefeitura e Governo de São Paulo, CPTM and other public and private clients.

brunolageweb@gmail.com TOP 71 8883.9959